Monday, November 7, 2011

Caleb’s (almost) Six Year Pictures ~ Georgetown, MA Senior Photographer

   “While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.”


I have the most strange, wonderful boy.  I didn’t ask him to do the above poses.  I was trying for one good shot near this fence.  In less than a minute, he gave me at least 16 different expressions and I just kept snapping. 

The best part about those shots is that they really show who he is.  He’s funny and silly and five, almost six.  He’s sweet and mischievous and hilarious.  He’s my Little Bear, my Bub, my most handsome boy.  

I thought he was so big last year.  Here’s a comparison shot in chronological order- 2009 (3, almost 4), 2010 (4, almost 5) and 2011 (5, almost 6).2009klindsey 015


And a full body comparison, again 2009, 2010 and finally 20112009klindsey 011a0161aIMG_5945a

Are you also in disbelief that time slips by this fast? And how quickly kids change?

The school picture came back terrible.  I don’t know the company that does them for my town, but it doesn’t matter.  They plop your kid in front of a green screen, tell them to say “cheese” and go to the next in line.  I got back a proof of this horribly forced expression in front of 7 different digital backgrounds, each uglier than the last.  I say this not to bash green-screens or school pictures but because I realize that I am blessed.  I am blessed to be able to take pictures and treasure them.  I am blessed to take pictures that I LOVE.


2 portrait slot, 8x12 ratio


I love that I can see his personality in these.  I find that as he gets older, all that I have to remember his past with are the pictures I have.  Sometimes I have a memory and think OH!  If I just had my camera then…. If I just had taken some pictures.  If I could just SHOW you how it was, how we were, how life was lived then… If I had just taken some pictures….

If I had just taken some pictures, I could hold that memory one more time.

20x10, 4 vertical openings IMG_5903a



IMG_6063a IMG_6139a

 3 slot, 2 horizontal 1 vertical

I think that’s why I get so wrapped up in my work.  I really believe in what I do.  It sounds so cliché to say it out loud (or type it out loud, as the case may be)…. But that’s what it comes down to.  My life has never been lived in front of a green screen.  Life is lived in everyday moments.  Here are some unconventional shots of a trip I just returned from.  I will never ever forget this moment and how wonderful it truly was to be there.










Buy, or don’t buy, your kids school picture in front of the green screen.  Hire, or don’t hire, a professional photographer to take pictures for you.  But DO… absolutely DO…. take pictures and capture your life as you live it.


5mays steph said...

Great captures, love the underwater shots especially!

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