Sunday, March 14, 2010

Small Package, Big Heart

Little baby Charles came to see me on Friday, the 3rd baby of an old friend/coworker. At 10 days old, he was by far, the easiest baby I think I have had the pleasure to photograph. Not only did he do all the poses I put him in, but he SMILED the whole time! This is a truly happy baby!!!

See? A natural ham, at 10 days old. And after he fell asleep, he continued to be an angel. I love this close up of him... you can see every detail of his little face. His stork bite over his eye... all the things that pass so quickly.

And this last one is one of my favorites... it's just so soft, and newborn like. It makes me think of baby powder and lavender..

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Caleb Lately

Feels like a long time since I've blogged about us. Nothing earth shattering happening in my world lately. I'm pushing my way through this semester. Actually, it feels like I'm being dragged behind a horse drawn carriage, nailing every bump in the road. That's grad school for ya.

Caleb is doing great! He gets smarter every day. As you can see from the pic above, he's mastered the art of body painting. I've created this generations Picasso!

When we read books together at night, it is great to see him start to understand more and more. He can read basic words now and spell his own name. He's doing really well in his jujitsu! His focus and attention is soooo much better these past few weeks. On Monday he is going for his orange stripe! I think he's fine to get it.

He's doing very well in school. He is still going two days a week, but I think by September, I'm going to bump him up to three days. In September, I'll have started my internship as well as taking on a full course load, so I will most likely need that extra day! (To recuperate? How about a nap and a nice cup of tea..? That would be nice!)

He is still quite the daredevil. He loves anything physical. Here he is jumping off the platform for the trapeze at Jordans Furniture. Yes, folks, for 10 bucks a pop you can train your own little monkey to want to run off and join the circus. Worth the 10 bucks? I think so!

Taken today- he's getting so big and just SO handsome. Am I right?!

I've been in a black and white mood lately. Some pics...
My favorite pug of them all, Sam Sam.

Cheesin for the camera (and this is a rare, actually looked at the camera moment!)

It is not all fun and games being four! Oh, life is very very hard at times.

My little bear <3