Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Room

This is quite random and has zero to do with photography (well, maybe a smidge). This is my room! I spent this weekend finally unpacking the last of my boxes, which were in a corner of my room. There were four. I moved in September. So, yes, 6 months later, I finally empty those boxes. The reason for the procrastination, aside from my ability to procrastinate everything in life beyond a healthy spectrum, is that the boxes contained tons and tons of photography which I knew would take tons and tons of time to sort out (and time is something I never have enough of!!).

And it was not good photography with pictures I wanted hanging on my walls. I somehow thought that a zillion snapshots should have been framed and hung in my old place, and was dreading sorting it all out here in my new place. Well, its hard to say photographs can be "bad", but I had framed a LOT of snapshots in my day. With bad, ugly frames :(

So, thank God that is over with. I don't have to look at boxes in my room anymore. And while I was at it, steamed my rugs, rearranged the furniture and hung up curtains! It's nice to be motivated every once in a while.

I decided to go with an all black & white theme, so all the pictures hung were in b&w, and I want to now get black pillow cases as well as add little touches here and there as I think of it.
A close up of the pictures on the far wall:

The painting above my bed was painted by me in my art school college days. Its a replica of a painting by an abstract artist whose name escapes me at this very moment. My teacher had us both replicate the original painting, and then replicate it AGAIN in black and white. So the black and white hangs over my bed, my mom has the one in color. You will also notice, perhaps better seen in the first picture, that the frame is warped. This happened on January 28th, 2005 when the house I grew up in burned to the ground. Much of my art, my photography, my life, blew away in the ashes that day. But these two paintings survived (as did myself, my mom, my landlord, and many, many animals :) ) I imagine I might be able to get it unwarped, but I like it the way it is because it reminds me of where I came from and where I am headed. More about the fire will come later this week as we "celebrate" the five year anniversary.

(ps please excuse the quality of the pictures, these were taken with my little point and shoot :) )

Thursday, January 14, 2010


So Caleb started karate about two weeks ago and while he totally loves it, he definitely is lacking in the discipline department. But karate is supposed to "fix" those things right? I don't know if I over analyze his behavior in that class, because I want him to be SO good and show everyone the kid I know he is. But he's basically not listening, fiddling around in line, and being disruptive. I think once he gets used to the class and the teacher that he might do better, or I am hoping so anyway.

And while Caleb is into karate, I start back at school next week. I thought it was tomorrow! The semester usually starts right back up after MLK day, but it was a pleasant surprise to learn today that classes don't officially start until next week. I did pretty well last semester, but grad school is HARD!! The work is at this level that I feel like I am not capable of being at sometimes.

So photography news... I have a 2010 pricing guide ready to go. It needs minor tweaking but should be up by... the end of the week? I have a new navigation bar that I created all by myself! With drop down menu's, too. Not only do I now know basic HTML, but CSS also!
And here are a few pics to share. Mostly of sweet Sophia from the twin session a few posts back... and one of my mom's dogs, Sammy, Simba, and Brooklyn.

And the puggies!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

News and Babys

OK so I had a really quick special to test lighting at my new home setup and offered my services, plus a digital CD of the entire session, completely free for one day only. They did me a HUGE favor by coming on such short notice and allowing me to play with my light, setup, and their sweet babies of course.

So, I now have edited the first session fully, and you will not believe the beauty on this little boy. Stunning!! At 5 weeks old, he was not willing to close his eyes for a second while he was here, sure he would miss something ;) Mom and I were able to get him to sleep for about 20 minutes or so and I snapped this beauty

I can hear my friend Kevin laughing reading this because he teases me about my love for deep brown/purple in my editing process. I absolutely ADORE when I can slip in some deep rich colors like that. I think its pretty subtle in that picture! I didn't go overboard! ;)

Oh, and this is how he looked for most of the session

Awake and ready to Par-tay! Can you believe he's only 5 weeks old? And his sweet little feet <3

And finally the NEWS. I'm going to be posting my updates of my blog to my facebook fan page (link HERE) So if you aren't a fan, get with the times!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dreaming of Summer

Its only January! But I hate the cold. Hate. I would take 99 stifling hot days over one freezing one. I hate when the wind blows and nips your cheeks and your fingers go numb. I hate how the cold air gives me asthma attacks. I'd like to move, but I know that every summer, I long for fall. And every winter, I long for spring. And how I do appreciate the season changes when they happen and would probably complain if I had a balmy Christmas :)

So, the news in my house is that Caleb is sleeping in his OWN BED. This has been a struggle since day one, but I am determined this time that I will not crack and he will stay in his own bed. I did have to move him into the guest room, which is really a glorified closet, so that he could be in the room next to mine and not all the way across the house in the big scary room with the backdoor that makes me nervous. So the big scary room was converted into a fun daytime play room! That means allllll the toys go in there and I don't have to look at them all over the dining room anymore, so I win and he wins! I will post pictures sometime this week.

And finally, a winter photography special. The first time I am offering a digital collection and at a great value! I truly miss photography when the winter rolls around and I hope this is a way for me to continue my work even when the weather is cold! Please check out my now functioning link for pricing here and can also be found in the Navigation bar at the top of any page.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Leavin' on a Jet Plane

So kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you'll wait for me
Hold me like you'll never let me go
Cause I'm leavin' on a jet plane
Don't know when I'll be back again
Oh babe, I hate to go

Oh, not me. A good friend of mine is leaving, though. And in perfect style decided that the perfect send off would be to get MARRIED before going! Well, we all knew they'd be married at some point.. so why not on New Years Eve, giving everyone four days notice? :)

They are a wonderful couple. The wedding was perfect.. held at their house in Swampscott, with white Christmas lights strung everywhere, with soft candles, they married on the front porch with a handful of close friends. It was really peaceful and beautiful. I'm sad Al is leaving, first for basic training and then for a tour in Afganistan. Please pray for his safe return. Al & Jen- here's to wedded bliss... or as close as you can get to that with Alan as your husband ;)

Oh and right before the big event, we had a crazy snow squall. We got maybe 2" up here, but it was so serene and pretty! Here is a little of Caleb playing in it. I had to bribe him with ice cream to get these shots!!

(Photography side note- these were shot at ISO1600! I was so ticked at myself for doing that! I had been taking pics the night before of Caleb sleeping in his own bed for the first time and had only a nightlight for light, so I cranked it up. I haven't made this kind of mistake in a LONG time, so disappointed- I don't think I could ever print these. They look ok online tho!)