Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Littlest Hero - Boston, MA Family Photographer

Before I leave on my mini trip, I wanted to get this post up here.  It’s been on my to-do list for an entire week.  So now its almost 1am the night before I have to leave and I realized I still hadn’t done it :)  So here it is!  Enjoy this family, like I did.  I hope I could convey what I saw-  this family as a unit, a mom so in-tuned to her daughter, a sweet son that couldn’t have been more polite… just a family you hope to get at any session.  Thank you, Alexis for opening up to me and letting me take your pictures.

2010 kelly lindsey copyright 104b

2010 kelly lindsey copyright 131c

4 slot, 2 portrait 2 horizontal

2010 kelly lindsey copyright 022b


Thanks to 


for making the session possible for millions of children with special needs.  They are a fantastic organization, so please check them out if you have a moment. 

And also to



for sponsoring Random Act of Kindness Week.  So get in on it… what’s your random act of kindness this week?


Nettie said...

these are just beautiful, kelly!! that first photo just blew me away!!!

Alex said...

Beautiful shots! And what a sweet family!

ashley said...

What a WONDERFUL family session! Beautiful.

Becca Bond said...

beautiful work! you rock :)