Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fix-It-Friday plus other stuff!


So I’ll start out with the fix it friday stuff.  I Heart Faces hosts this every week and it’s a great community if you enjoy photography.  Lots of talent there.  I was SOO pleased last week when they recognized my last blog post found here, and posted it on their facebook fan site, found here.  Check them out!


Here is the straight out of the camera (SOOC)


First things first, crop to 8x12 ratio, unsharp mask (USM) @ 60, 1.3, 0


Tackle white balance and exposure first and foremost.  I’m going to start with the WB because I know for this photo it’s going to affect my exposure greatly.  His face is close to blown, and I know that when I correct the cyan and bring it warmer, that red channel in his face will go completely out of gamut.  You can tell that it’s on the cool side of WB several ways.  First, I can see a lot of shade/shadows in this photo and cameras pick this up as cyan.  (Think:  sun is warm, shade is cool).  Second, I can eyedropper click the whites of his eye and see they are in the blue spectrum.

step 3

Note that this trick isn’t always accurate.  The whites of eyes are NEVER completely white.  Especially in children who tend to have a light blue hue to the whites of their eye.  You have to take a lot of photo’s and look at the whites of a lot of eyes before you can start to differentiate when your seeing a natural soft blue hue in the whites of an eye, or a cyan eye.

So… naturally the next step is to correct that and I used my own action, warmer, which looks just like this:

step 2

Its a simple curve layer adjusting the red and blue channels.

Next I used the patch tool to fix some blemishes (I didn’t bother with the under eye bags for this shot) and then did a little portraiture since it’s my new toy (thanks Sarah! ;) )

step 4

I noticed after I corrected the WB that the red channel did, in fact, blow.  I then eye dropper clicked on an area of skin I thought was good looking, duplicated the background layer, then simply used the paint tool and painted on the skin that was blown (the side of the nose, the hands).  Then lowered the opacity of the layer to like 15%.

step 6

Last step is personal for me… I really love blue fill layers.  It makes a picture hazy and sweet.  Some people dislike them, and that’s fine, just skip right over this part!  To do the fill layer, just go to Layer>New Fill Layer> Solid Color and choose a soft blue.  Then in your layers panel, drop down your blending modes and choose “lighten”, then drop the opacity to taste.  I think mine was at 15%.


And here’s our SOOC and Final.






















And in other news- I just returned home from a MUCH needed vacation!  I am still trying to catch up from my last session as well as update the blog and get my PDF pricing to those that have requested it.  My summer digital sale has ended and I will be posting my end of summer special very soon.  It will coincide with a new portrait package that I’m offering and I am very excited about this package-  it will have a gallery wrap canvas and a storyboard offering in it and when those items come in the mail, they totally take your breath away. 

Oh and the image boxes that come with the digital collection- to die for!!  This is from my most recent order.  I design the entire box by hand:

product- image box

and the following order, I went for something bolder (I blotted out their name as they wished me to do so in their contract)-

2010klindsey 006a

I’m going to be expanding the image box into some of the print packages so that this is available for anyone who goes the print route for their order.  After seeing it in the mail, I knew it was a keepsake that would generate a lot of interest and most importantly, it is timeless. 

Next post up will be my vacation photo’s-  I can’t wait to share them.  I vacation in a tiny town north of Augusta, Maine every year and I lovvvvvvve that everyone makes it a priority to go every single year and how lovely it is to be with each other. My family is BEAUTIFUL and I am not biased in the least and I could really go on and on about them (and probably will in my next blog post! :) )  I want to just post a couple that I’ve edited so far..  This bridge is at least 30 feet high and my cousins have no fear. 

2 portrait slot, 8x12 ratio

2010klindsey 046a

I really wish I had a wider angle lens to be able to take in more of the environment there.  So there’s my big long update blog post.  Will post more vacation shots as I get them edited!!


Drew said...

Beautiful job. Your step by step directions are wonderful!

Barb Phillips said...

Kelly you did a beautiful job with the photo. Also thank you so much for the detailed editing. It help so much to see this step by step. I link your editing tut to my FIF post hoping this might be helpful to those that follow my blog

Heather said...

Awesome! Thanks for walking through like that.

Barb Phillips said...

Kelly You mention a program called Portraiture from Sarah - could you give me some details on that program?

~ k said...

Hi Barb.. portraiture is a skin softening program. Here's the link!