Wednesday, May 12, 2010

School is out!

School is out for the summer!!!  I am sooooo excited.  This semester I had social policy II, human diversity II, and groups.  Policy is by and far one of the best subjects I've ever studied in my life!  I really enjoyed the class.  I lobbied for the homeless, studied the bills being passed through Congress, visited the National Association of Socials Workers in Boston, and also met Congressman Tierney.  In September, I start my first internship.  There is so many areas that social workers are needed that it's overwhelming to narrow down where I want to intern at.  There is the school system, jails, courts, DCF, hospitals, the VA, mental health clinics, substance abuse, end of life care, geriatrics, family counseling, individual counseling, domestic violence, homeless shelters.... It is amazing the opportunities that I will have once I have my license.  My concentration is mental health and substance abuse, but I still really have no idea where I what path I will end up following.  In any case, 1 year down, two to go!!!
Anyyyyway.  Caleb news:  YELLOW BELT!
2010 k 16
Super proud!!!!  He was too! 
We had a great mother’s day too.  This is Caleb’s at my moms house, bringing her flowers. 
 2010 k lindsey photo 025aI said, “Caleb, don’t make that face.”
2010 k lindsey photo 026aAd. Nauseum.  I have 10 more frames like that.  I’ll spare you, though. We made my mom a mothers day card to go with the flowers.
2010 k lindsey photo 030aWe didn’t do anything super special.  I helped my mom do yard work.  Caleb and my mom planted new flowers.  The dogs were extra super cute, especially Sammy, who is the best dog EVER
2010 ka lindsey photo 034And Simba..
2010 k lindsey photo 047aPlayed softball
2010 k lindsey photo 072band called it a day …
2010 k yrr


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kelly on the school year being over! Congrats to Caleb for his yellow belt! Love your pics, the rose is my fave! Leslie

Sarah Rios said...

Sounds like an awesome day! Thanks for sharing! My Isabella is an orange belt and they have same uniforms. Tell him congrats- it's alot of hard work. My fav pic is number 4. He looks so proud.