Thursday, February 4, 2010

Today was kind of an amazing day

Today, Caleb was sick and so we stayed home all day long. I was just sitting here thinking that my house is pretty trashed, but we spent some good quality time together so who really cares?? In the morning, we slept in. When we awoke, we sat down for two good hours of playing play-doh. I really hate play-doh. I hate how it drys up and the little pieces fall all over your floor and stick to it, and you can't sweep it up, and you have to get on your hands and knees with a butter knife, cursing the makers of the stupid stuff the whole time. That said, I tryed to enjoy myself because I know it is something Caleb loves to do.

We had lunch. I tried to enforce nap time. Caleb stopped napping about a month ago, but I thought he might because he wasn't feeling good. That didn't work at all. He stripped naked, smuggled in toys to his room, tortured the cat, read a few books, and then at 3pm, I gave up.

In the afternoon, we cooked supper together. We watched Lady and the Tramp. Then we made popcorn and banana/strawberry/chocolate/walnut smoothies and watched a Goofy Movie, snuggled on the couch. (Not really an appropriate movie for younger kids btw!) Then, we played Roller Coaster Tycoon for a little bit. At bed, we read a big huge long story.

I feel like these days are 1. precious and 2. fleeting. I know there won't be too many more of them, he's growing so fast. Although, circumstance has me currently back at being a stay at home mom, which truly couldn't make me happier.

And lastly, Caleb is progressing in his jujitsu class, I think. He got his yellow stripe last week!!! Here's some pics.

You seriously have to love the look on my cats face.


Janete said...

ROFL!!! blackmail pictures of your son LOL LOL

Amanda said...

OMG Kelly! He looks JUST like you!

And the cat...HA! Poor lil kitty.