Thursday, January 14, 2010


So Caleb started karate about two weeks ago and while he totally loves it, he definitely is lacking in the discipline department. But karate is supposed to "fix" those things right? I don't know if I over analyze his behavior in that class, because I want him to be SO good and show everyone the kid I know he is. But he's basically not listening, fiddling around in line, and being disruptive. I think once he gets used to the class and the teacher that he might do better, or I am hoping so anyway.

And while Caleb is into karate, I start back at school next week. I thought it was tomorrow! The semester usually starts right back up after MLK day, but it was a pleasant surprise to learn today that classes don't officially start until next week. I did pretty well last semester, but grad school is HARD!! The work is at this level that I feel like I am not capable of being at sometimes.

So photography news... I have a 2010 pricing guide ready to go. It needs minor tweaking but should be up by... the end of the week? I have a new navigation bar that I created all by myself! With drop down menu's, too. Not only do I now know basic HTML, but CSS also!
And here are a few pics to share. Mostly of sweet Sophia from the twin session a few posts back... and one of my mom's dogs, Sammy, Simba, and Brooklyn.

And the puggies!


Rebecca Knowles Photography said...

If that isn't the most adorable baby I've ever seen! (aside from my own of course ;-) So expressive, you captured her SO well. You can see that little personality!

Little Moon Photography said...

She's SO cute, seriously those are some of my fav photos of yours!! Love the puggies too!

Krissy Allori said...

Those photos of Sophia are amazing! I've never seen such amazing expressions. Just darling, as are the pugs. :)