All the Details

What is Custom Photography?
Please see this article to learn more about custom photography.
When should I have my senior pictures done?
Most schools require the year book picture to be submitted in early October.  I recommend doing your portraits over the summer if possible. 
Where will my session take place? 
I love when my clients have ideas for me.  Sometimes the school is ideal, sometimes a park or reseravtion near your home could work.  I have several places that I prefer and will be happy to make recommendations.  Two of my favorite places to shoot are downtown Newburyport and Salem Willows Park in Salem, Ma.

What is your availability?
I am available most evenings during the week and, in limited availability, on the weekends.  Because I work only in natural light, I depend on my clients to trust me when I pick the time that the light is most flattering.  This is always approximately 1-2 hours before sunset.   The best way to book a session and request a date is to fill out this form.

What can I expect after my session is over?
After your session is over, your images are hand edited using professional software.  Twenty to thirty images are chosen and will be presented to you in approximately two weeks time at an ordering session.  At that time, you will need to place your order and your images will be available for viewing and sharing online.  A minimum order of $200 is required for all sessions.

Will you shoot my wedding/engagement/other event?
At this time, I am only taking senior sessions.  I'd be happy to make a referral at any time.

What should I wear to my session?
What you wear to your session is ultimately up to you.  You should avoid busy patterns, lettering or logo’s on the clothes, and avoid running sneakers and flip flops.  Solid colors, simple designs or patterns, white or black is always a good choice.  Simply put, you should choose a wardrobe that is timeless and classic.

Do you shoot any studio work?
I do not own artificial lighting and prefer to use what is referred to as "available" light. Light is one of the most important components in photography and my style reflects the soft beauty of what nature has given us. I do have a portable studio setup and an in-home studio that I will utilize if a client prefers a few studio shots.  I strongly prefer to work outdoors.

Can I scan and/or make copies of my portraits myself?
No. Printing, copying, downloading or scanning images without written consent is strictly prohibited as the images are protected by federal copyright laws.

Who inspires you?
-I have many photographers whose work I admire. Too many to name, but here are a few of my favorites.  Lisa Lucky, KerriAnne Brown, Little Moon, Captured by Carrie, Sally Mann, Sheye Rosemeyer, Wende Trew, Annie Leibovitz, and all of my mentee’s:  Janete, Jennalle, Anelle, Tiffany, LinneaAnne, Shae, Leslie, Rina, Vee, Kori, Melanie, Sandi, and Sarah.

My son, of course, inspires me in ways I can't put into words. 
My best friend inspires me by her ability to listen, pick her battles and win them, and her capacity to love.
My mother, who has believed in me from day one and went to all of my dance/cheerleading/piano/clarinet/photography events and remains one of the most genuine souls that I have ever had the pleasure to know.